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Rights and Responsibilities

Your Rights

As an individual using our support services, you have many rights that you should be aware of.  We recognise your rights and are here to support and assist you in exercising these rights and in achieving your goals. Lifestyle Therapies & Training Solutions adopts a policy of nondiscrimination regarding eligibility and entry to services, and in the provision of our support services to individuals.

You have the right to:

• Have access and supports that promote, uphold and respect your legal and human


• Exercise informed choice and control.

• Freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making.

• Access supports that respect your culture, diversity, values and beliefs.

• A service that respects your right to privacy and dignity.

• Be supported to make informed choices which will maximise independence.

• Access supports free from violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation or discrimination.

• Receive supports which are overseen by strong operational management.

• Access services which are safeguarded by Lifestyle Therapies & Training Solutions well managed risk and incident management system.

• Receive services from workers who are competent, qualified and have expertise in

providing person-centred supports.

• Consent to the sharing of information between providers during the transition.

• Opt-out of giving information as required by NDIS.

Your Responsibilities

As an individual using our support services, there are a few things that we ask of you. The information below explains the responsibilities you have when using our services. We ask that you:

• Respect the rights of staff, ensuring their workplace is safe and healthy and free from


• Abide by the terms of your agreement with us.

• Understand that your needs may change, and with this, your services may need to

change to meet your needs

• Accept responsibility for your actions and choices even though some decisions may

involve risk.

• Tell us if you have problems with the care, and services you are receiving.

• Give us enough information to develop, deliver and review your Therapeutic Support Plan.

• Care for your own health and well being as much as you are able.

• Provide us with information that will help us better meet your needs.

• Provide us with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice when you will not be home for your


• Be aware that our staff are only authorised to perform the agreed number of hours and tasks outlined in your service agreement.

• Ensure pets are controlled during service provision.

• Provide a smoke-free working environment.

• Pay the agreed amount for the services provided.

• Tell us in writing (where able) and give us notice before the day you intend to stop

receiving services from us.

• To inform staff if you wish to opt-out when asked.

Our Responsibilities

Lifestyle Therapies & Training Solutions will:

• Provide the supports that meet your needs at the agreed times.

• Regularly review the provision of supports with you

• Communicate openly, honestly and promptly.

• Treat you with courtesy and respect.

• Talk with you on decisions about how supports are provided.

• Listen to you for feedback and any problems which may arise.

• Give you notice if there is to be a change in a scheduled appointment to

provide support.

• Keep your personal information private.

• Keep you safe and ensure the safety of others.

Lifestyle Therapies & Training Solutions has policies and procedures that are built on human rights. Where allegations of abuse, neglect, violence, exploitation or discrimination are made, Lifestyle Therapies & Training Solutions employs a Zero Tolerance policy.