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Who We Are

Our Vision

one life, one family, one community, one town, one region

We established Lifestyle Therapies and Training Solutions (LTTS) in 2003 with a clear vision for community and client-centric health solutions. We seek to provide:

  • Services that have a direct influence on the people who participate in our programs and their families. This positive impact will improve their quality of life and health outcomes.
  • Innovative, cutting-edge programs, advice and training to business and governments around the world.
  • Practical aid and support to international countries struggling with issues of poverty, housing, education, and family / social issues.

How We Work

At the heart of LTTS you will find a group of passionate individuals who have a shared vision. Our clients are at the centre of our clinical practice. We know that the health of our clients is influenced by the health of their family, community, town and region. Additionally, as we assist our clients in overcoming their challenges, we empower individuals to build stronger families, communities, towns and regions.

Our experienced and committed LTTS team strive to give the best healthcare to our clients, and aim to support and strengthen our clients’ families, communities, towns and regions. There are a number of ways that our LTTS team achieves this.

Client Centred

You are at the centre of what we do. Our therapists are highly qualified and trained to provide you quality services tailored to your specific needs and situation.

We understand that each of our clients are unique and so are their symptoms, challenges and solutions. Our clients are experts on their own lives and the challenges they are experiencing. We also believe that everyone has the strengths and resources required to resolve difficulties. Our aim is to work collaboratively with our clients in defining what their challenges are, creating a vision and plan for what they want to achieve in their health, and build upon their strengths to achieve those health outcomes.

Strong Multidisciplinary Team

Our LTTS team of Occupational therapists, Speech pathologists, Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Social Workers, Counsellors and Dietitians love learning from each other and working collaboratively. Our therapists often work in multidisciplinary teams and involve the expertise from their other team members in holistically considering their client’s needs. Our therapists are also encouraged to include the expertise of other health professionals in servicing our clients when appropriate. Therefore, our clients can have the confidence that they will find the support and services they need to overcome their challenges.

Community Engagement

As a business we strive to make allied health more accessible and affordable to our fellow Queenslanders. We make extra effort to bring high quality services into rural and remote communities, into our children’s schools, into our community centres and into our client’s homes.

We know that the communities we live in can greatly impact on our health. Education, socioeconomic environments, access to health care, discrimination, disadvantage, natural disaster resilience, ethnicity, social experience – all these contribute to community and individual health.  LTTS is committed to strengthening communities. LTTS’s partner organisation CLAM Business provides community engagement, community capacity building, community development and business/organisational consulting and training services throughout Australia and overseas. To understand more about CLAM Business please click here.

Health Professional Collaboration

In the communities that we service we strive to strengthen health networks and collaborate with other community organisations.  We know that there are other health professionals who are also passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of their clients. As we collaborate with our fellow professionals and organisations, we build a stronger community network of health professionals that can work together to provide better holistic health care to their clients, their families, and their communities.

A key Health Professional organisation collaboration partnership has been established with LTTS and Hope Empowered.  Hope Empowered is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to enable, empower, and equip communities.

What We Do

We offer a comprehensive range of mobile and clinic-based Allied Health services tailored to suit your individual, community or corporate needs.

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Where We Are

Our main clinics are located in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Biloela, Emerald, Blackwater and Rockhampton with outreach services into North and Far North Queensland.

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If you or your child needs to see an Allied Health Therapist, then there are a number of ways that you can refer to us.

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